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Is integral development coaching like life coaching?

Yes, but it is also much more than that.

Integral Coaching is an ongoing, evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive response to human life.

The integral method is a very creative and holistic approach to coaching that considers the whole of our clients’ lives: their inner world, their body, their relationships and culture, their work, and their environment.

In integral development, each person is unique. Therefore, each developmental program is tailored to the person, their world, and the situation they bring.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Integral Development Coaching is about:

Image by Rishabh Dharmani

Accepting contradictory ideas 

For example, embracing the fact that a person is leading a successful and happy life as per society’s standards but feels that they are empty on the inside.

Image by Darius Bashar

Embodying the change

For example, suggesting a chest opening pause to a person who feels closed down so that their own heart and body can experience openness.

Image by Paul Skorupskas

Appreciating the wholeness of a person

For example, welcoming a parent who feels grateful for the birth of their baby but at the same time completely overwhelmed and lost.

Image by Brian Mann

Supporting in short term actions and long-term impact 

For example, if a person feels over-stressed and burnout in their current job, as an integral coach, I will help them identify their needs and take actions to slow down. I will also support them to connect with the type of work-life balance they aspire to.

As an integral coach, I want to:

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