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Welcome! I am Betty. I am happy you are here.

I help you reconnect and prioritize yourself through integrating mindful and embodied practices so that you live your life fully and in alignment with your body, heart and mind. 

After 8 years working for big tech companies, I realized I was not living the life that I wanted.


When I decided to heal my past wounds, face my truth and implement some self-care practices, I started creating my own path, reconnecting to my true self.


I became a certified Integral Development Coach, to support people live their lives truthfully and fully from their bodies, hearts and minds.


I am also a mother of 2 daughters, a lover of life, people, and nature. 

Are you willing to make some small changes that can have a big impact in your life? 


Live your life with all your heart and body.

What people say...

Aurélie - Paris, France

« I loved being coached and accompanied by Betty on this journey! Our sessions gave me the impression of having a meeting with myself. I learned the value of stopping to look at how much I had accomplished and how to prepare for the future in the best possible way. It was both enjoyable and energizing at the same time. I was really struck by the holistic approach of her coaching. I particularly enjoyed that no topic was off the table and that I was offered new practices to do in my daily life. I genuinely recommend Betty and her professional, human, and caring approach! »

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