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Accompagnement dans la parentalité

Meditating with Baby

Mindful Movement for Mamas


1-month embodied program in English to take care of yourself and your body though meditation, pilates, fitness & free dance.


Week 1: Awareness

Meditation and Gentle Movement by Betty

Through guided meditation and gentle yoga poses, we will bring our awareness to the present moment and how we feel in our bodies.


Week 2: Connection

Pilates inspired flow by Ramona

A no-impact Pilates flow, that brings energy and heat to your body and mind


Week 3: Aliveness

High intensity fun by Ramona

This class will get your heart rate up without putting any strain on your body. It’s a safe, fun and upbeat session that lets your endorphins go crazy.


Week 4: Freedom

Free dance by Betty

Through free dancing, we will liberate ourselves from blockages or tensions and let go of expectations and performance to purely enjoy ourselves to the sound of music.


For whom?

Every mother from 12 weeks postpartum



Every Monday from 19:30 - 20:30 



Online via Zoom.

Feel free to join with or without your baby.



As women, our bodies really go through enormous change and transformation throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

And often in the postpartum phase, we don't take the time to take care of our own bodies - its healing, its movement, its aliveness.

Although our body is the vessel of our health - mental, emotional and relational.

That is why we offer this program as an embodied experience for women to take care of themselves and their bodies through 4 online sessions of movement.



Hosted by Ramona, certified pre-/postnatal fitness professional and Betty, certified life coach with a somatic and mindfulness focus.

Write me a PM if you are interested in joining our next cohort. 

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